These handwriting practice sheets are designed to meet the need of extra handwriting practice at home.  I was recently in a school where I was told the children are allowed one piece of paper a day!  How can you learn to write with only one piece of practice paper a day?

They are designed to be affordable for growing families, being a penny or pennies each.

They are a great, unusual gift idea.   Print out some pages for your youngster.  These pages are practical, fun, and educational.

To print out the booklets without the covers (to conserve ink), simply exclude “Page 1” in your print page options.  If you are not familiar with how to do that, find a YouTube video that explains how to print a range of pages.  I plan on adding pages that have no cover for printing convenience.

The number “point” size indicates the size of the print.  “Arrows” means there are directional arrows to show the children the correct sequence in forming the letters.  This is very important and it may not be emphasized in your local school.


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